Coachman Trude

Posted by on July 18th, 2011 in Fly Tying

Coachman Trude

In this edition of HCF’s Fly Tying Recipes, we offer the “Coachman Trude“. As always, each fly pattern shared in our recipe section was designed by the owners, guides or staff at High Country Flies. Check out this recipe to see a larger photo, get fly tying tips and receive expert advice on how to fish this fly most effectively.

What You’ll Need:

Hook: Standard Dry Fly #8-#16, Tiemco 100BL, Dai-Riki 320
Thread: 3/0 – 8/0 Black; Size to match size of hook
Tail: Golden Pheasant Tippets
Body: Peacock Herl
Wing: Calf-Tail White
Hackle: Brown; 1 or 2 Saddle hackles (depending on their length) or 2 Neck Hackles

Tying Tips

1• Tail length should be 1 1/2 of hook shank. Tie in at hook point and set above barb.
2• Tie in 3 or 4 peacock herl. Wrap forward and tie off half-way between the point and the eye of the hook. For a more durable fly twist the peacock around tying thread and wrap forward.
3• At the end of the peacock body install calf-tail wing. Wing should extend past bend of hook. When you
have finished installing the wing you can lift and place 1 or 2 thread wraps behind it. This will help keep the wing elevated, improving visibility, when you fish this fly.
4• Tie in 1 saddle hackle or 2 neck hackles (if they are short). This fly should be hackled relatively heavy.
5• Wrap hackle forward and whip finish.