Green River – 8.25.2011

Posted by on August 24th, 2011 in Fishing Reports, Green River

472 cfs. @ Warren Bridge


Dries: Turck's Power Ant (#10-12), John's Hummer Sally (#14), Hippie Stomper (#12), More or Less Hopper (#12), Curtis' Flying Ant (#14-18), Harrop's Hairwing PMD (#16)

Streamers: Conehead Zuddler, white (#4), Silvey's Sculpin Leech, white or olive (#4), McCune's Sculpin, tan (#4),


The Green has been dropping a fair bit, as is normal for this time of year. This, combined with warm temperatures and little precipitation over the last few weeks has meant that the best fishing has often been early and late in the day.

PMDs and Sallies are still being seen in decent numbers before the afternoon winds typically pick up. While some hoppers are being heard and seen, they haven't exactly been out in huge numbers to date. Regardless, larger Chernobyl-type attractors are working,  and ant patterns, such as those listed above are working quite well. These terrestrial patterns are the most reliable ticket through the warmer afternoons. Streamers are continuing to produce nice fish early and late, but also throughout the day, if fished in deeper pocket water and undercuts.

Keep in mind that low flows mean that some areas of the river may be quite low and/or tight for a boat and proceed with caution - low flows can present hazards just as high flows can.