Green River – 9.4.2011

Posted by on September 4th, 2011 in Fishing Reports, Green River, Local Fishing


336 @ Warren Bridge




Dries: Grand Hopper (#6-10), Morrish’s Hopper (#8-10), Power Ant (#10-12), Parachute Hare’s Ear (#1016), Parachute PMD (#10-16), Purple Haze (#12-16)

Streamers: Galloup’s Dungeon, black or brown (#4), Garrett’s Bellydancer (#4), McCune’s Sculpin (#4-6), Conehead Beldar Bugger (#4-6), J.J. Special (#4-8)




With the flow on the Green down to almost 300 cfs. at Warren Bridge now, it’s getting a little tough to float the river without a fair bit of bumping and grinding. That said, plenty of good wade fishing exists, primarily on all the public land upstream of Warren, and on various public access spots downstream.

Hoppers are out in good numbers, and general terrestrial/attractor patterns are continuing to work well. PMDs and Yellow Sallies are still being seen. Early and late in the day, streamers are still finding the big ones. If you want to fish the Green without having too contend with a lot of boat traffic, this is a great time to hit the river.